About Us

The idea behind Cs3D is simple, Mark Twain said
“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
And so began Cs3D, created out of my passion for 3d printing, but also for helping people to find the best quality and at reasonable prices.
I have spent thousands trialling different filaments and products, and now am happy to present to you the finest.
Purchasing filaments from $15 to $60 I set out to find two brands, one budget, one upmarket, the reason for this is obvious, but what I found is that you can have both with one brand!
While testing I was very fortunate to come across an OEM manufacturer marketing their own brand as Colour Dream.

Colour Dream is the solution to all of your filament requirements, through my own testing, this has proven to be reliable, consistent and extremely well backed and warranted.
I guarantee if you try this filament you will not want to buy anything else.

Colour Dream impressed me so much Cs3D is now an official Australia distributor

Bulk and wholesale enquiries are welcome