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YOUSU Dual Colour Water-Washable Low Odor High Resolution LCD 3D Printer Resin UV-Curing 405nm

YOUSU Dual Colour Water-Washable Low Odor High Resolution LCD 3D Printer Resin UV-Curing 405nm

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Experience Hassle-Free 3D Printing with CS3D Dual Colour Resin

Say goodbye to the IPA/Alcohol cleaning process

Dual Colour Resin for Vibrant Creations

CS3D introduces a breakthrough in 3D printing with our Dual Colour and water washable 405nm photopolymer resin. Now, you can unleash your creativity without the hassle of the IPA/Alcohol cleaning process. Our resin is specially designed for LCD/DLP 3D printers, offering low shrinkage and high precision. Whether you have an RGB screen or Mono screen like Mono X, Mono 4k, E Mars 3, Mercury Plus, Phrozen Sonic, or other printers, our resin guarantees exceptional results.

Unleash Your Imagination with Translucent Dual Colour Effects

Experience the beauty of dual colour translucent effects with CS3D resin. When lit from behind, your 3D prints will come to life, showcasing vibrant and eye-catching visuals. Our resin offers excellent fluidity and great stability, ensuring smooth and precise printing every time. Forget about leaks or spills with our safe leakproof bottle, providing a worry-free printing experience.

Easy Cleanup and Low Odor

Cleaning up after your 3D printing projects has never been easier. With CS3D Dual Colour Resin, you can say goodbye to unpleasant odors and messy cleaning processes. Our resin is water washable, saving you time and effort. Simply enjoy the convenience of creating amazing 3D prints without the hassle.

Resin Type:

Water Washable Resin



Volume Shrinkage:


Line Shrinkage:



1.08 g/cm3

Flexure Strength:


Extension Strength:


Elongation at Break:


Way to Rinse:

Clean with Water

Suitable for:

LCD/DLP 3D Printer


General modeling & Industrial prototype proofing

Storage method
1. Please keep the resin at room temperature (15 - 35 degrees Celsius) and sealed, the lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity of the resin.
2. Keep away from light.
1. Shake well before use, do not use the resin in places where there is a lot of sunlight.
2. Wear gloves before use and avoid direct contact with the skin, keep the room well ventilated.
3.  Clean models under water with a brush and then dry with hairdryer, before curing with a UV curing light, or just the sun.

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