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BTT pi v1.2 - Raspberry pi Alternative, made specifically for Klipper - Free Post

BTT pi v1.2 - Raspberry pi Alternative, made specifically for Klipper - Free Post

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Are you in the market for a klipper board? Raspberry pi's are hard to come by right now and very expensive when you can.

These can also be installed inside your printer and powered off your PSU.

Please note in setting this up you will need some knowledge on using SSH, and printer configs, how knowledge of your router to obtain the new pi's ip address.
Instructions and software do not come with this as they are constantly updated, you can find the git hub and repositories HERE

Due to the ease of bricking your printer with incorrect setup the onus is on the customer to understand klipper and how to go about installing this item, we do not give technical advise for this product, and take no responsibility for any damage done with an incorrect install.

If you are looking for Printer configs, Klipper has a repository HERE

roduct Advantages
Performance and stability: This product features a quad core Cortex-A53 processor and 1GB DDR3L SDRAM, while supporting 4K displays and OpenGL 3.2, indicating that it has sufficient performance to run various applications and tasks, and provides high-definition image and video output. In addition, it also has 100 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit WiFi, which means it can provide fast and stable network connectivity.

Multiple interfaces and functions:This product has multiple interfaces and functions, including 4-way USB2.0 ports, 40Pin GPIO, SPI screen interface, ADXL345 accelerometer interface, reserved USB To CAN module interface, onboard infrared receiver head, etc. These interfaces and functions can enable users to apply and expand more diverse applications in different scenarios, thereby improving the flexibility and practicality of the product.

Ease of use and compatibility: This product has the same installation hole location and SPI screen interface as Raspberry Pi, which means users can easily install it on Raspberry Pi or other compatible devices and use existing Raspberry Pi peripheral devices. In addition, the product also features a plug and play network cable and simple WiFi settings, making it easier for users to use and configure the product.

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