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Genuine Artillery replacement Filament sensor

Genuine Artillery replacement Filament sensor

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Automatic Suspension for Uninterrupted Printing

With the Genuine Artillery replacement part, you can say goodbye to failed prints caused by running out of filament. Our black filament run-out detection module is specifically designed for Artillery Sidewinder X1/X2 and Artillery Genius 3D printers. When the filament is about to run out or break, the module will automatically suspend the current printing task. This not only saves you time and frustration but also ensures that you can easily refill the filament and resume printing without any hassle.

Top-Quality Artillery Printer Parts

At CS3D, we pride ourselves on offering genuine replacement parts for Artillery printers. Our black filament run-out detection module is built to the highest standards, ensuring its compatibility and seamless integration with your Artillery Sidewinder X1/X2 or Artillery Genius 3D printer. With our top-quality parts, you can trust that your printer will perform at its best, delivering exceptional results with every print.

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