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GKtwo Replacement Air Purifier - Free Post

GKtwo Replacement Air Purifier - Free Post

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Minimize Resin Odours:
Say goodbye to unpleasant odours associated with resin printing. Our filters effectively neutralize and minimize up to 80% resin smells, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable printing environment.

Enhanced Airflow:
Optimize the airflow in your resin 3D printer setup. GKtwo filters maintain a balanced airflow

Peace of Mind: Trust in the reliability and performance of GKtwo Resin Printer Filters. Focus on your creative process without worrying about the mess and odours associated with resin printing.

 High-Efficiency 】 We know the disgusting gross smells of the 3d printer resin make you feel gross and healthy. With our air purifier, 80% of the smell will be absorbed and the fresh air will be released into the room. No more disgusting smells.
Detachable Magnetic Design】The shell is made of ABS with two magnets on the two sides. The purifier can be easily attached to the 3D printer.
Compatibility】size:11.5*12.3*8.5cm(4.5*4.8*3.3”) Weight 0.3kg/0.66lb. This is specially designed for Uniformation GKTWO 10.3” 3D Resin Printer
Replaceable Filter】One filter can work for approximately 2 months (depending on use). But it is recommended to replace the air purifier every month for better performance.
What You Get】The package will come with either 1 or 6 pack(s) of purifiers.
Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any problems with your order, please feel free to contact us.

Each 6 pack should last a minimum of 6 months of constant use, A single will last 1 - 3 Months Depending on Use
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