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Hot Bed Kit for Ender-3 V2_Ender-3_Ender-3 Pro_Ender-3S_CP-01_CR20_CR-20 pro

Hot Bed Kit for Ender-3 V2_Ender-3_Ender-3 Pro_Ender-3S_CP-01_CR20_CR-20 pro

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Genuine Creality Hotbed kit for Ender-3 V2_Ender-3_Ender-3 Pro_Ender-3S_CP-01_CR20_CR-20 pro (24volt)

Remember you will need to adjust your printer settings/nozzle height to suit.

Constant temperature and even heating
Flat Plate - smooth first layer
Great durability
Aluminum plate good thermal conductivity
Temperature reaches up to 110℃
Full metal plate with short circuit and open circuit detection decreases breakdown rate
Counter-bore design  of the mounting holes ensures a flat plate and saves the printing space and collisions with the nozzle.

The hot wire fitting has excellent thermal conductivity, pressure resistant and thermal resistance
Hot bed is compatible with all build surfaces and stickers (not included)

Hotbed plate

Red and black wire (fitted to the plate) 
Thermistor (fitted to the plate) 
Thermal insulation cotton (fitted to the plate) 
Genuine padded creality box

There is no power connection plug on this model (red and black wires), please check models closely.
You will require access to the main board to wire in.

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