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Monocure 3D Rapid Model Resin

Monocure 3D Rapid Model Resin

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Incredible Detail
A unique, epoxy-based resin prints at high detail 3d printing resin without brittleness.

Easy to Use
Give the bottle a shake, and the Rapid Model resin is ready to pour and print. No heating required

Ultra Fast
Rapid Model Resins can print fast on all MSLA 3D printers, with 2 -3 second normal layers on most Monochrome 3D printers.

Monocure 3D Rapid Model Resins were initially developed with MSLA printers that use LED arrays to cure the resin. The unique, epoxy-based system creates models that process a hard surface finish without the brittleness you would expect.

This resin is easy to use; give the bottle a quick shake, then pour and print! The typical normal layer durations for an MSLA printer are approx. 2-3 seconds in a printer with a monochrome LCD Screen.

Rapid Resins should be post-cured for at least 20-30mins after cleaning. This ensures that the model will not crack or split over time. 

Monocure's own printer calibration test can be downloaded here

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