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PEI Spring Steel Sheet Double Sided smooth/Textured Flex Magnetic Sticker 180x180

PEI Spring Steel Sheet Double Sided smooth/Textured Flex Magnetic Sticker 180x180

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CS3D Dual Sided Build Plates for FDM Printers

Enhance your 3D printing experience with our high-quality PEI build plates

Prints Just Stick

Say goodbye to failed prints and adhesion issues. Our dual smooth/textured PEI plates are designed to provide optimal adhesion, ensuring your prints stick securely to the build plate throughout the printing process. Whether you are printing with PETG or other similar materials, our build plates offer super sticky performance that guarantees successful prints every time.

Different Types of Finishes

With our dual sided build plates, you have the flexibility to choose between two different finishes - smooth or textured. The smooth side is perfect for creating glossy and polished prints, while the textured side adds a unique touch to your designs, providing a matte and textured finish. Switch between the two sides to achieve the desired look and feel for your 3D prints.

Suitable for All 3D Printers

No matter what type of FDM printer you own, our dual sided build plates are designed to fit most models, including popular ones like the Ender series, CR series, Solvo, Mingda, and more. Available in sizes ranging from 180mm to 350mm, our plates can accommodate different bed sizes, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of 3D printers in the market.


Material: PEI, Flex Steel Plate
Size: 180x180x2mm
Applicable models: Any FDM 3D printer with 180mm build plate

Package Includes:

1 x Spring Steel Sheet Powder Coated with Magnetic Base
1 x Magnetic Bed Sticker.

Please note owing to monitor and light differences there may be variations in the colour.
Magnetic sticker is for the print bed, not the PEI plate

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