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Uniformation 12k Upgrade Kit

Uniformation 12k Upgrade Kit

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This is a screen upgrade to allow for 12K printing on the Uniformation GKtwo.
Please see chart for detailed specification's. 

Please note the printing size is reduced slightly with this upgrade, From 228.1*128.3mm to 218.88*122.88mm

Instructions for use:
You can download the files here

1. Please refer to the 12K firmware folder to update the 12K firmware first.

2. Please refer to the GKtwo 12K Screen Replacement video to replace the 12K screen.

3. Please refer to 12K-Slicer-Setting to set up the Chitubox.

4. If you have previously installed UniFormation-Slicer, please run cleancache.bat in the GKtwo-12K directory to clear the cache first to avoid using the previous 8K configuration file.

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